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Christ, Rush, other. I'm a former philosophy student at the University of Texas at San Antonio and former youth minister in the Archdiocese of San Antonio. I currently love puppies.

New Year, New Me: Update. Part II

Last year I made a post about some resolutions for the new year...

The Stupidest/Best Argument I’ve Ever Heard. (Or, “The Ontological Argument: Part I.”)

For hundreds of years no philosopher has been able to defeat on argument for the existence of G-d. I speak, of course, of the Ontological Argument...

Why I’m Depressed Part II: The Squeakquel. Or, “The Biggest Thing I Think.”

A few weeks back I posted the first in this series on my depression, promising a second part soon thereafter. Here it is...

Music Monday – December 5, 2016

When I was in high school I met a kid who was way better at guitar than me...

Why I’m Depressed: Part I. Or, “The Story so Far.”

From time to time people will ask me about my depression. I’m an open book, so here’s what I’ve got...

Music Monday – November 14, 2016

No Use Flying. I just love the fall.

4 Reasons Why I’m Single

"How are you still single?" Well...

One More Depessing Post on Robin Williams: Update

Two years ago Robin Williams died. He was one of my favorite actors and his passing affected me deeply... Fast forward to yesterday when I came across this message from Williams’ widow...

Five P-Dubs I Don’t Hate

Matt Maher is the Catholic Bruce Springsteen.

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