Even Death will Die…

Death be not Proud – Audrey Assad

Death, be not proud, though the whole world fear you

Mighty and dreadful you may seem

But Death, be not proud, for your pride has failed you

You will not kill me

Though you may dwell in plague and poison

You’re a slave to fate and desperate men

So Death, if your sleep be the gates to Heaven

Why your confidence

When you will be no more?

Even Death will die.

People who know me well know that I am in LOVE with Audrey Assad. Not in a creepy way though. Like, in a respectful way. Like, I’m in love with her work. (I am typing this on a Macbook Pro which I bought off her husband, but that’s largely unrelated to my mild obsession. It was just a really good deal that came up when I happened to have some money put away for a new computer.)

Two years back Audrey released an EP entitled Death be Not Proud. The opening track made a place for itself in my heart. Audrey’s music is the soundtrack to my prayer life and this song has been a comforting prayer many times over the past few years as I said goodbye to people I love. I’ve never taken death well. When I’ve had to confront death the past few years I’ve been able to calm myself singing simply, “Even Death will die” to myself.

This past weekend I learned that the fiance to a friend of mine had died tragically following a hit and run accident. I’d only met him in person once, but I feel like I knew him well because I know so many people who knew him and loved him. He was a great guy who made a friend of mine very happy. Again, I’m singing this song in my prayers.

Requiescat in pace, friend.