Stump a Catholic

An attempt at evangelization



The Stupidest/Best Argument I’ve Ever Heard. (Or, “The Ontological Argument: Part I.”)

For hundreds of years no philosopher has been able to defeat on argument for the existence of G-d. I speak, of course, of the Ontological Argument...

Two Things The Catholic Church Teaches That I Don’t Believe.

It blows my mind when people claim to be orthodox Catholics while claiming loyalty to ideas which conflict with Church teaching. It’s the sort of self-righteousness people concerned with heaven all partake in. You’re likely as guilty as I am.... Continue Reading →

One More Depressing Post about Robin Williams

Last week at this time I was driving on my way to Denver for a vacation. During a stop in Raton, New Mexico I was getting caught up on social media. That’s when I learned about the death of Robin... Continue Reading →

On Prophecy and Mormons and Advent and Trevor Part II: This Time, It’s Personal

I'll have you know that the other day I came up with that title while driving and I was so pleased with myself that I just laughed out loud for a time. I decided to write this followup mostly based... Continue Reading →

Pope Francis is named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year!

Can you believe it?! Pope Francis has been named Time Magazine's Person of the Year! Pope Francis most likely won't care much about the honor, but I'm sure he'll be happy for the same reason I am. People are listening... Continue Reading →

On Prophecy and Mormons and Advent and Trevor

Like many of you, I have a best friend. His name is Trevor and if I ever make it to heaven, he's going to be largely to blame. Trevor and I really enjoy apologetics ( A theological science which has... Continue Reading →

Stump a Catholic: Origins

Hello, world! I had an idea a long time ago to have a table set up in public with a sign reading, "Stump a Catholic." I tabled that idea for a while after realizing it was stupid (like that pun).... Continue Reading →

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